What Is Finally You Can Connect A Mouse To The Ipad And The Iphone With Ipados And Ios 13: This Is How It Works?

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iPadOS Maybe the iPad is a “professional” device for relatively few generations, but its users have been demanding more advanced functions for what is, for sure, the most popular tablet on the planet. Apple has been offering these improvements with dropper but yesterday took an important step to turn the iPad into a viable replacement for a laptop: iPadOS was born.

The new operating system, born from the bowels of iOS and with a new roadmap to separate it from mobile phones, offered some improvements in the first place compared to the iOS 12 that until now moved the Apple tablets. Like the extended start with widgets or the advanced access to files and external storage. But a functionality was among the shadows and has been discovered now: comes the compatibility with mice. Basic, yes, but it’s already here. At last, the mouse reaches the iPad’s ecosystem. Although the correct thing would be to say that it reaches Apple’s mobile devices, because the same functionality is released on board iOS 13, whose beta for developers is already on the street and begins to throw different and interesting information about the operating system that should debut in October.

New iPadOS lets you use a mouse to control your iPad and iPhone apps

This compatibility with the mouse starts as a fairly basic system, only compatible with a button of the same and hidden in the accessibility functions of the system. In fact, we will not even find it as a mouse but as a Cursor, and it is on board the AssistiveTouch. But as we say, too green, although a first step at the end of the day. The iPad, and also the iPhone, you can connect a mouse through USB C or Lightning port or through Bluetooth, and input we have the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad as compatible devices. Although, as we say, only for a button and without gestures. A basic mouse as a starting point.To activate this primitive mouse on the iPad with iPadOS, and also on the iPhone with iOS 13, we have to go to the device settings and there access the accessibility section, then activate AssistiveTouch and connect what Apple calls Cursor, which is none other than the mouse via Bluetooth or via USB type C or Lightning. We summarize the steps.

Open the System Settings.
We enter Accessibility and then Touch.
Activate AssistiveTouch
Without leaving the section, we access Cursor and personalize it.

Since we talk about an accessibility function, the cursor has been designed with a large size and we can choose the color of it. Nothing else is known about this function although we must remember that we move in the field of the first betas. The mouse can evolve before iOS 13 or iPadOS are on the street and ready for all users. We will follow the track because it is important information, especially for users of iPad Pro.

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